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My name is Desi. In 2014 my family and I made the move from Las Vegas to the Twin Cities for my husband to attend grad school. We loved the Midwest so much we decided to make the move permanent and are now currently living in the small town of Somerset, Wisconsin (8 minutes from the Stillwater bridge).

Where did I come up with the name Freckled Rae Photography? Well, I’m glad you asked. My name is Deserae, hence the 'Rae'. And I have an abundance of angel kisses, aka, FRECKLES!


Fun facts about me:

I have worked with children with Autism for over 10 years.

I love donuts, ice cream, BBQ ribs and tacos.

I love playing sports, and am currently hooked on pickleball.

My wardrobe consist of yoga pants (whenever I put on a pair of jeans my kids tell me I look beautiful). 

I have gone sky diving, bungee jumped, gone up in a hot air balloon, participated in the polar plunge and ran a half marathon...I'm not cool enough to run a full. 


I look forward to taking pictures of your loved ones and creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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Why You Should Choose Me

I consider myself, and have been told by many clients, that I am very patient. I feel that in this job you have to be patient, whether you are trying to pose a newborn or waiting for a baby to feel comfortable with you. Does your husband hate getting family pictures taken like mine does?! Well... let me know and I will make it as quick and painless as possible. Are your seniors shy? I want my seniors to feel as relaxed and as comfortable and confident as possible. I make sure to engage with my seniors to know what their interests are and to keep the conversation going. I know getting your pictures can be stressful and I want to make your session as smooth as possible so you will be wanting to come back for more. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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